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All of our closures are "Free Part Closures" which allow you to choose where your part is located. The bigger the closure, the more versatile your closure will be. Our 7x7 closure allows maximum versatility and can be used for styles such as a "top bun". 22 Inch closures can be provided upon request. Please note that closures are very fragile and are not designed to last as long as a bundle of hair. Bleaching the lace or silk on your closure will decrease the longevity. Please contact us if you have questions on how to care for your closure. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL 7x7 and 6x6 LACE CLOSURES ARE CUSTOM MADE. SHIPPING MAY BE DELAYED DEPENDING ON THE AVAILABILITY OF THESE PARTICULAR CLOSURES. HD AND SWISS LACE ARE ALSO CUSTOM AND TAKE ADDITIONAL TIME. 

HD Lace Closures

  • Lace and HD Lace are very limited. Cost of raw materials have increased resulting in a significant increase in price. Once sold out we are unsure when items will restock. 

Now Available Paypal Credit 

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